I like making good things grow, so I've created a really flexible pricing model for events. Come to me with a budget and I'll shoot to accommodate, with $2/photo untagged or $3/photo with event tag. You'll only be charged for delivered photos.

If you have a good thing you'd like to grow, send me a message!


High energy moment from Flociety's Rite of Spring party
Flociety's Rite of Spring, 2016

Kelsey performs during Vibe Tribe's Luminos performance
Kelsey performs for Vibe Tribe's Luminos

gathering for solstice ceremony The Awakening Dream
The Awakening Dream 2014

An Ouroboros made from pallets at Fires of Beltane
Ouroboros at Fires of Beltane, 2013

Tsaida performs during The Awakening Dream solstice celebration
Tsaida performs during The Awakening Dream

Soul Kiss gathering on Solstice
Soul Kiss at Solstice 2013

Michelle meets robot Flobot at Imagine That party
Michelle meets Flobot at Imagine That, 2016

Worm compost Bin at Edmonton Resilience Festival
Worm Bin during Edmonton Resilience Festival

suppertime at Symmtree gathering
Symmetree 2015

Elves pose at Flociety's Rager in the Rainforest party
Elves at Flociety's Rager in the Rainforest

cuddle puddle at Flociety's Rager in the Rainforest
Flociety's Rager in the Rainforest 2015

Dome at night during Symmetree gathering
Dome at Symmetree 2012

Sleepwreck preforms Disasterpiece at Tribal Nation's event
Tribal Nation presents: Sleepwreck

chill space at intention alberta
Intention Alberta 2015

effigy burning during Freezerburn regional burn event in alberta
Freezerburn 2015


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