A celebration of personal style with a focus on DIY and festival fashion.


Andrea Wa lays atop the fabric of her performance costumes, props and sequins galore!
Andrea Wa with her collection of performance pieces.

Aaron Meckling featured against fabric of her DIY waredrobe, looking like Tank Girl
Aaron Meckling featured against her DIY wardrobe.

Julia of Krukedgypsy lays atop her leatherwork, looking like a princess out of Labyrinth!
Julia of Krukedgypsy atop her leather work.

Terra Brie lays on her collection of DIY kilts and punk inspired up-cycled clothing.
Terra Brie, my first draft teamster for zombie apocalypse!


Portrait of Peggy Piano Pants laying atop the fabric of her DIY  wardrobe.
Peggy Piano Pants atop her DIY stylings.

Grabaganza with her collection of commissioned up-cycled and re-invented DIY fashion pieces.
Grabaganza, reworking the waste we've made in haste!

Marissa, founder of Fable Arts with a collection of DIY festival performance pieces.
Marissa, founder of Fable Arts.


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