Festivals offer an important therapeutic environment which I believe can heal psychological wounds, typically suffered in high school. I was drawn to these places as it was personally healing for me. To witness it in others as well is incredibly satisfying! My hope is that to capture my subjects in this state, I can help them integrate these lessons into the real world. A picture can be a thread connecting you to a state of being.

Unfortunately, I won't be available to festival media teams this summer as I'll be focusing on my wedding.


main stage at motion notion festival
Motion Notion 2013

Girls pilled together on the beach at Astral Harvest Festival
Astral Harvest 2015

Laughter Yoga by Graham Parsons at Astral Harvest Festival
Laughter Yoga, Astral Harvest 2015

Kate Ryan hula hoops on her foot at Astral Harvest Festival
Kate Ryan, Astral Harvest 2015

festival goers paint each other with mud by a river at sasquatch folk festival
Sasquatch Folk Fest 2012

babes on the beach at envision festival costa rica
Envision 2015

Freya stands with her hoop and monkey at fozzyfest festival
Freya, FozzyFest 2015

Keia lays on her subject after painting his back at motion notion festival
Keia, Motion Notion 2014

Dave and Steve dressed in costumes at Astral Harvest Festival
Dave, Steve, Astral Harvest 2014

Griz performs at Astral Harvest Festival's main stage
Griz, Astral Harvest 2014

Lauren and Jere at envision festival costa rica
Lauren and Jere, Envision 2015

brothers carry trees to plant at envision festival
Envision 2015

festival goers covered in soothing mud at Envision Festival
Envision 2015

pretty man at envision festival costa rica
Envision 2015

friends gather around a man in a glowing costume at Astral Harvest by Luke GS
Astral Harvest 2014

Wakah Chan Stage at Astral Harvest Festival
Wakah Chan, Astral Harvest 2015

friends Dana and Danielle jump for a photo at Astral Harvest Festival
Dana, Danielle, Astral Harvest 2014

Elise and Mika lounge at Astral Harvest Festival
Elise, Mika, Astral Harvest 2015

Tara and Jordana snuggle at Astral Harvest Festival
Tara and Jordana, Astral Harvest 2013

Geoff in his costume at fozzyfest festival
Geoff, FozzyFest 2015

rocket arm launch at motion notion festival by Luke GS
Motion Notion 2013

young family at Astral Harvest Festival
Astral Harvest 2014

Painter Joe Clarke poses with his painting at Astral Harvest Festival
Joe Clarke, Astral Harvest 2014

sisters Kylie and Rae bask at Astral Harvest Festival
Kylie, Rae, Astral Harvest 2015

completely crowded village stage at shambhala festival by Luke GS
Village Stage, Shambhala 2014

ocean and beach at envision festival costa rica
Envision 2015

main stage at envision festival costa rica
Luna Stage, Envision 2015

Selah jumps at fozzyfest festival
Selah, FozzyFest 2015

Inside Angelica's Basket stage at Astral Harvest Festival
Angelica's Basket, Astral Harvest 2013

people crowd around gas sculpture at Astral Harvest Festival
Astral Harvest 2014

Jordana hula hoops at Astral Harvest Festival
Jordana, Astral Harvest 2012

Steve dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage at Astral Harvest Festival
Steve, Astral Harvest 2014

Jen Isabel Friend hoops at envision festival in costa rica
Jen, Envision 2015

eric poses with skull mask at fozzyfest festival
Eric, FozzyFest 2015

Envision 2015








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