A celebration of lovies through environmental portraiture. A nest retreated into, which holds gently. The nest as a foundation. The human lovie: my favorite nesting subject! Enjoy these environmental portraits of lovies in their nests, all made in Edmonton!


Scott sits in his bed eating ice cream, truly a bear in his cave!
Scott aka Bernie

Clayton Hollingsworth lays on his bed and kisses his cat. His room is full to the brim with all the trappings of a modern day wizard.
A wild Clayton in his natural environment

Blair Francis plays a tune on his Sitar surrounded by his sacred objects
Blair Francis playing his Sitar

Steve sits with his massive Star Destroyer model, painstakingly built from styrofoam sheets and 3d printed components.
Steve and his Star Destroyer

Joe Clarke sits in his paint room, his paintings lining the walls all around him.
Joe Clarke in his paint room

Sheniz, part owner of Edmonton's Noorish restaurant, sits in the sunroom of the community home she manages.
Sheniz crochets in Tree House

Talented artist Martina sits in bed surrounded with her beautiful paintings.
Beautiful Martina

Scott hangs from the ceiling of the spaceport, an environmental portrait to remember!
Scott hangs in the Spaceport

Simon sits in his succulent garden, sacred altar arranged behind him as he wears a self-made eyeball.
Simon in his succulent garden

Environmental portrait of Farren in her candy room
Farren in her candy room

Environmental Portrait of Ben Miller and dog by Luke GS
Ben Miller with his doggy

Environmental Portrait of Lisa with her gecko
Lisa sits with her gecko <3


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